How to Prepare your baby for your newborn photo session. 😀

Well hello there! Welcome to my page. You are about to learn the tips and tricks on how to prepare your precious baby for your newborn session. 😉

The whole preparation is going to take a lot of effort and kind of stress a little bit but it’s going to be worth it at the end of the day.

By following the exact instructions that you’re about to read, it will make your newborn session flow smoothly.

It is very understandable that this preparation is a lot of work. It is very important that you and your family work together to get the job done. I usually ask parents to have grandparents or relatives for help so it is less stressful for everyone around.


PLEASE have your AC set to 79 degrees to the room that is going to be use for baby session. Please make sure that you are dress comfortably since the temperature will be a little bit warm (babies like it warm). If siblings are going to be photographed, please make sure they are out of the area when their session is done. This is to ensure that no interruption and to have a peace and calm environment while photographing your new baby.


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PLEASE keep the baby awake after having her first feeding in the morning. If your session starts at 9am, please feed the baby 2 HOURS prior to the scheduled shoot. For example, baby has to eat around 7am and make sure they STAY AWAKE for 2 hours (until 9am – session starts).

DO NOT give any pacifier at all during this time. I know this will be the hardest part of the preparation and totally relatable since babies tend to sleep right after they eat. To make sure that they sleep all the way during their session, they have to stay awake and feel tired during preparation. We want a sleepy baby for your session. Awake babies are harder to photograph since their eyes are open most of the time and we do not want them get irritated.

TRY giving baby a bath to help keep them awake. Play a little bit such as tickling their little toes or rubbing their cheeks. If they fuss a little bit, just let them. This will also help them stay awake.

PACIFIER – I know not all parents are fan of using pacifier, but using one for a few hours can make such a HUGE difference during your photo session. Babies tend to look for something to suck when they’re in distress. A pacifier will be our best friend when baby just want some comfort. It will make our workflow smoothly and prevent any delays. BUT, if you prefer not to use one, it’s totally fine. We want to make sure you are comfortable working with me. 😉 and just FYI that your session might take longer than expected since pacifier usually “serves” as COMFORT FEEDING so baby can go back to sleep right away.

DURING your session, it is very important that mommy’s are willing to breast feed or bottle feed the baby on and off. This will keep the baby comfortable during the process. Babies will be swaddled and unswaddled numerous time so it is best to have food within reach for comfort.

PREPARATION for your baby and family session is a LOT of work. Please try your best not to get stressed out. I know the number one problem that parents come across are wardrobes also. I provide outfits for newborns, buckets, fur rugs, wraps for siblings that will act as a perfect top (for sisters) etc. Any neutral colors (NO NEON) is fine. As long as they’re comfortable to wear. Please avoid stripes or print shirts as they take away the beauty of the photo and it’s harder to photoshop them out. PLAIN is better.Jeans or khaki pants are also acceptable.

I know this is a lot of information to grasp, but please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. I am honored that I will be photographing and documenting your family story. I cannot wait to meet everyone!


One thing I’d also like to add, I know that little kids are hard to photograph when it comes to sibling shots. Sibling shots are one of my favorite genre to shoot. Thank God for photoshop since it will allow me to swap heads 😉 when it doesn’t go as planned. Please check my editing video to see 😀