Choosing the right Newborn Photographer


Choosing the right newborn photographer for your new baby is very critical. Selecting the right professional is important because we are talking about your baby here, who will be posed, wrapped, be placed in a bucket etc.

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Newborn photography is totally different compare to families and weddings. Newborn photographers require an extensive training on how to pose babies safely.

There are two types of newborn photographers; pose newborn photographers and lifestyle newborn photographers. The difference between the two are the following:

Pose Newborn Photographer – a photographer poses the baby safely in beanbags, buckets or any desired prop that parents wanted to be captured. Samples are those poses where baby is wrapped in a beautiful fabric with a gorgeous headband, cute little smile etc..

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – is when the newborn photographer lets the parents hold the baby, like a family session but mainly focus on the baby. I’ve seen most common posing for this are “family sitting on the bed with the baby and siblings.

I get it, you are looking for the best photographer in town who delivers great images that you will be proud to showcase them to your families and friends. SO here are the steps to how to choose your newborn photographer for your baby 😉

1.) Make sure your  photographer is licensed and insured and have a proper training for newborn sessions. (BONUS if your photographer attends yearly newborn safety classes at one of the conferences held by PPA or WPPI)

2.) Decide wether you prefer in-studio session or in-home sessions. There are a tons of photographers that travels to your home for portraits.

3.) Make sure if you VALUE art or just a so-so images. This is very important because you don’t want to have a “buyers remorse” after the session.

4.) You have to LIKE your photographer!!! No matter how beautiful the images of your photographer made, YOU WILL NEVER be happy! Make sure you won’t make that mistake. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories about this.

5.) Make sure you understand the pricing and what’s included. You don’t want to have a misunderstanding and end up having a bad taste in your mouth. Not all photographers charge the same and work the same. Some of them gives away digitals, and some are a FULL TIME SERVICE photographer meaning they specialized in high end products such as paintings, albums, canvases and many more.

6.) Read their reviews and what other people have to say about their services. Is the photographer great with babies? Are they willing to take extra mile? Cares and thinks about safety?

7.) Ask for a timeline on how long the images will be done (if they’re shoot and burn meaning they give out images and no products included).

8.) Ask if they practice safety precautions during your session.

I hope this helps you in searching your perfect photographer for your family. I wish you all the best and have a happy family session!